Our Lady

Peacehaven Catholic Church

Welcome message from father Ian

My Dear Sisters and Brothers  in Christ,  

I am writing to you all, at this changeable time for us, to let you know that I am thinking of you, missing you, no doubt praying for you. I must say that I feel the prayers of the Parishioners a great support and comfort and I hope you do with my prayers for you. 

 The question I ask the Lord “Where do we go from here? What can we do? He replied gently to me “Well Ian, don’t do anything for now, but let me come to you, and we can share thoughts together so we can help each other and the world around us.” 

I am celebrating Mass every day and remembering you all and the Parish Intention as I normally do. 

 I hope you can use your Bibles and Prayer Books to hear what the Lord may be saying to you at times, in the same way that he spoke to His people in the Desert as we find ourselves today. 

 I have no doubt that Our Blessed Mother is “pondering all these things in Her Heart” and she would wish us all to continue to pray for each other, family, friends & enemies.  

 And may Almighty God bless us all at this time so that we may all grow in His Love.   

Father Ian  

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This is our beautiful Church where everyone is very welcome! 

Inside the Church Hall

This is the hall that is available for booking. Please contact us for more information. You can access the calendar to check availability. 

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Church Hall

This is the main entrance of the Church Hall located at the back of the Church.

Mass Time


Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 all masses have been suspected.


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Due to the Corona virus all places of worship have to be closed until further notice. However, Parishioners are able to watch Masses online at the following websites:

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